Friday, January 2, 2009

old ghosts

it's always such a surprise when those old ghosts show up. about the time you think they're long gone...POOF! they show up and shock the hell outta you. weird. this time, it was so unexpected to see her face, such a beautiful lady she turned out to be...that it just made me gasp. WOW! would ya look at her! turns out, she's doin' great. she's happy and living her life the way she wants. she has the most incredible smile it makes the whole screen light up. and her energy seems to be as lovely as she is. very cool stuff.

what makes it so strange, tho, is to see her sister...the one i went to school with. she was one of the most popular. she was gorgeous and sought after. now, she looks sad. she looks like she's not living the life she wants. she just looks sad...and it's kinda heart breaking. makes me wonder what in the world happened to that other gal who i knew so long ago. also makes me i got so blessed lucky. is it luck? or is it that i knew all along that my 'oddness' was the source of my courage. cuz i know i always had that. odd. courage. hmmmm.

today i am grateful. for the life i've made and the choices i make every day. i'm grateful for all the love and all the laughter. cuz i have lots of both. my's a very good one. and i wouldn't trade it for all the tea in boston. lol...

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