Friday, November 28, 2008

gotta find a way

gotta find a way to let it all go
let go the anger
and the judgment
and the godawful taste in my mouth.
why does it pain me so
when someone lies
or breaks their word
or just flat out disrespects
everyone around them?
why do i feel the need
to strike back
or teach 'em a lesson
or read 'em their rights?
how is it that the very things that anger me
are those things that i once did
to others?
of course.
that's it.
it's that feeling of shame
knowing that i, too, once did such things
with nary an ounce
of remorse.
i, too, once lied my way
thru life.
i was so insecure
and dumb
and completely righteous
about everything.
and now
now i see
how much those things
hurt the ones i love.
now i see
that it is that old part of me
that is so apparent
in someone else
and it
gotta find a way
to just let it go
and let others learn
what i had to learn
before i could find

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