Saturday, June 17, 2017

The Kindness Rock Project

A couple of years back, I found an organization whose sole purpose was (is) to promote Kindness. At the time, they were offering wonderful little cards that were meant to be shared with strangers. I jumped on that band wagon, and even went on to make some of my own (with their website added, of course). It was one of the funnest things I've ever done.

Now, here in 2017, yet another "movement" is growing to enormous numbers. This time it's all about Rocks!

Yes, I said ROCKS.

It goes like this:

You gather up rocks, either from the environs or at your local craft store, bring them home, paint them, and then HIDE them for folks to find. It is not just fun. It's a wonderful way to spend hours in HOPE.

Here's what I mean.

Imagine you're walking through a park, or down the grocery aisle, or down your street with your dog. Rather than being glued to your phone, you're actually LOOKING 'round your surroundings (JUST IMAGINE!). There, tucked in a nook or at the base of a tree, or behind the Cheerios, something catches your eye. You walk to it and find a pretty painted rock. Just sitting there. Waiting for YOU!

Do you think it would bring a smile? Or maybe...make your day? Imagine if you're a child...and you found one with a little duck or a Superhero or a funny little frog. What do you suppose your reaction would be to such magick? 

The thing is, for's a way to get folks to stop staring at those blasted phones and actually take the world in. To enJOY the beauty around them. To inspire children and "grownups" alike to wander wondrously. 

How freakin' cool is THAT?

So then. if you happen to fancy some creative moments and want to add some Joy to your world, why not give it a go? You don't have to be an "artist". (but then, we are all artists, in one way or another). You don't even have to spend a ton of money for supplies. Your local Dollar Store will likely have most of what you need. Or check eBay for paint pens and/or garden paints. You can get that stuff pretty inexpensively there. In short, a few dollars and you're ready to ROCK. (get it? See what I did there?)


I'm telling you, it'll make your heart happy both in the painting and in the hiding. 

Here's the link to The Kindness Rock Project. 
{there's even a map on the site that shows groups all around the country, in case you'd like to join up. You can even start your own!}

You can also do a search on Facebook to see if there are groups in your area. There, you can meet up with others and have little Rock Painting Parties. Or gather the neighborhood kids together and let them join in the fun. There are ZILLIONS of options. All you have to do is...DO.


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