Monday, July 18, 2016

sometimes...we forget.

There are moments when we forget. Maybe it's because we're not consistent. Or maybe it's our nature. As Humans. We get all kinds of sidetracked and forget that we aren't really "humans". We forget that we're on a glorious adventure, one that we chose to take, and that in a minute we'll be gone from these vessels and return to our rightful place among the stars. Some of us try so hard to be stars, we completely forget we are. We are the stuff of stars and nothing will change that.

But, sometimes, we forget.

In those moments of temporary lapse, it is a good idea to take a second or five and get grounded. Literally. Like, go stand outside with your bare feet in the grass or the dirt or the sand, and feel the pulse of Mother's heartbeat. Feel her energy surge up into your toes, your feet, through your legs, up into your torso and outward to your arms, hands, fingers, right on up to the top of your pretty head. Then...feel it flow up and out and back to the sky. Let the flow of that marvelous energy make your whole being tingle whilst you breathe.



Because, when we forget what we are, we get lost in the madness of a world gone mad. We lose our sense of Oneness. We think ourselves too puny to matter. We fall and bleed and cry and hold our heads in our hands and wonder why, oh why, did we ever think this was a good idea. We curse the gods and, worse, ourselves. We strain to find a stitch of hope when it seems there is none to be found. We kick and scream and think horrible thoughts, all in the name of being "human".

But we are not.

Sometimes, in the smallest moments, when we least expect it, a miracle happens. The miracle of a memory. The truth of who and what we are. We remember misty images of magic we witnessed. Magic made real by our own connection to that Loving Source. The magic that turns straw into gold and broken lives into lives of meaning and purpose and power beyond our understanding. We get that lightning flash of awareness in a hot second and when it has passed, we laugh as only a madman can laugh. is our magic. Our doing. Our relentless tenacity and trust in something so much More.

Because...we are more.

So, the next time you forget, and feel the weight of your puny human-ness, before you lose your mind and your heart and your will, just take a second. Or five.


Then...go eat some ice cream.

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