Wednesday, November 25, 2015

NOT a Thanksgiving Day Post

Today I am grateful. As I was yesterday, and the day before. And the day before that. As I will be tomorrow...and, with practiced intention, the day after that. Yes, I will spend a few hours with family for our traditional feast tomorrow. And I will watch football from my first sip of coffee til my eyes are ready for rest. In short, the only difference between tomorrow and any other of my days is that there will be a food fest...and some time with family. You see, I make it a practice to begin each day in Gratitude. I also have no illusions about the "holiday" we call Thanksgiving. Mostly, it makes me sad; it is not what we have been taught. The Native Americans I've met in my lifetime don't see it as a day to celebrate. Can you blame them?

But that's another story for another day. (or NOT).

Today, I am grateful. And this beautiful little Being is one of the reasons why I can begin each day with Gratitude.

You don't have to be The Dog Whisperer to see that she is not thrilled with that thang on her head. But she tolerates me when I ask, and she always gets a treat for allowing me to use her as my model. I don't do it often, but sometimes I simply cannot resist. She's just so darned cute.

This Dawg, whom I call Sophie (among many other names) is the Joy of my world. She rescued me shortly after my Bruzer crossed The Rainbow Bridge. Had she not come to live with me, I'm not sure I'd have survived that passing. Honest. I begin each day in a state of Gratitude because she begins each day with me. She jumps up on my bed (if she isn't on it already) and gives me lots of puppy kisses and tail wags and a general smothering of Love. How can I not begin my days gratefully?

I'm going to share these few photos, and leave it at that. I've no doubt there will be at least a bazillion other postings about Thanksgiving Day. So, rather than adding to that long list, I'll simply share my numero uno reason for the Gratitude that I practice each and every day of my immensely blessed Life. 

Oh...and I shall wish you ALL a wonderful celebration of Gratitude, Family, and Endurance (because we all know that a day of family is something we endure as much as we enjoy. Such is the nature of "family", yes?) I pray your day will be tasty, happy, full of laughter, and at least one good football game. 

Now then...the rest of Sophie's poses....

Cheers, my Lovelies! Gobble, gobble, gobble.

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