Friday, February 20, 2015

Listen AND Heed!

All too often we ignore the Whispers from out bodies and "push on", thinking we're being "responsible". Nothing could be further from the truth. When your body sends signals, whether it is tired or achy or stiff or just plain BLAH, it is a very good idea to not just listen, but heed its messages. It is giving you fair warning: "please take care of me now or things are going to get ugly."

Sometimes it is far better to take ONE DAY and do nothing. Call in to work and honor your SELF. Lay in bed. Or, better yet, have yourself a nice warm bath, then put on your PJs and then park yourself on the couch with a warm blanket. Watch a movie (or 5); read; sleep; drink warm beverages and eat chicken soup. Just be STILL and take care of that vessel that houses your Spirit.

Pay attention! 

I share this with you today because there are several people in my realm who are dealing with the "ugly" their bodies tried to warn them about. And, as you might have guessed, things are ugly for them now. It's sad to watch; even sadder knowing that they could have avoided it.

I really do hope you'll hear what I'm saying here. We have so many guides in our lives, the best of which is our very own body. It knows what it needs. It speaks to us. All the time. Trouble is, we're either unfamiliar with its language OR we ignore it all the way around.

NOT good.

So, at the risk of redundancy, I'll say it one more time:


If you don't, you're going to experience a world of hurt that you could have avoided had you only listened (and heeded!).

Just sayin'

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