Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Follow YOUR Passion

Anyone who takes their craft "seriously" is bound to have "serious" tools in order to accomplish whatever it is they call their "craft". A carpenter will always have the appropriate hammers, saws, planes (not the kind that fly, silly. the kind that shape wood!), sanders, measuring tapes, and, of course, a love of wood. A plumber will have wrenches, caulk, spigots, more wrenches, and (hopefully) some sort of rubberized covering when the nastiest jobs are presented. An artist might have paints and brushes, paper and pencil, a camera, a guitar, a piano, a computer, a microphone, or any number of personality traits (often, narcissism), depending on their "art". And then there are

The Teachers.

Teachers all have one essential tool (if they're good at their craft, that is): that tool is a desire to inspire. It isn't always the ones who know the most who are the best Teachers. Often, it is their insatiable thirst for knowledge that makes them the BEST. All of the Teachers I (still!) hold in the highest esteem are the ones who were willing to say "I don't know" and then...help me find the answers. Great Teachers teach you how to learn. Bad teachers tell you what you need to memorize to pass the test, and have not one shred of curiosity themselves. They aren't really Teachers. They are, at best, horrible babysitters.

Great Teachers all have one thing in common: they cannot NOT share their passion for whatever it is they're teaching. They are driven by that passion, wanting only to instill the same passion in anyone who wishes to learn. They are so utterly devoted to their craft that they often work for pennies on the dollar (so to speak).

{Aside #1: I shan't get into that giant can of worms. Were I to go there, this little piece would not fit the guidelines I have set for myself as to the purpose of this blog. There is NO Joy in that path. So...we're not going there!}

Getting back...

I recently "met" a woman who is deeply passionate about her craft: Yoga Instructor. It is quite apparent that this lovely creature is deeply connected to her craft and her students. She wants very much to make her mark on the world, for all the most beautiful reasons. Mostly, because she wants her fellow Humans to find the Joy that she, too, believes is our right. Now, you might wonder how I could know all this when I've only just met the woman. It's really quite simple: she radiates her passion. She is the kind of Being who doesn't warrant a lifetime to know. At least not insofar as her passion is concerned. This lady has all the same fears, doubts, concerns as the rest of us Puny Humans. She also has that deep Spirit commitment that can only radiate when it is one's Truth. I know about these things because...well...I can feel them. And for those of you who've been here for more than a visit or three, you know that about me. Intuition is not simply a word I throw around. It is one of my tools...and one that I have urged all of you to remember that you also possess, should you care to hone it.

Anywayz....I wanted to mention this delightful creature and share her whereabouts with you, should you happen to be in her neighborhood. And if you aren't, she also offers online classes. And loads of Love. And just a general-all-around-feeling of GOOD. So then...click on the link below and have yo'self a look, won't you?

Allyn Cioban ~ Yoga (and other stuff!)

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