Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Quiet. But DEADLY.

One of the best things about being Me is the crazyawesomefierce circle of people in my Tribe. I'm talking Hollywood-worthy characters. Only...they're not characters. They're real people who make up the circle of Love in my world.


My Tribe is a collection of blood related cousins and not-blood friends I've made along this remarkable path I call My Life. Most of them have been around for at least twenty years. Some of them more. They are My Tribe because they chose to be. Just as I chose them.
{and here we are again...back to CHOICES}

They have their own reasons for loving me as they do. And sometimes I'm not so sure about those reasons. Like when I'm being as asshat and they love me anyway. Some of them think that I have no flaws. (BOYHOWDY! Ain't that a trip?!} Others know those flaws, and love me anyway. But all of them, regardless of time/space/distance know that who I was "then" and who I am "now" are not the same Being. Sure...there are parts of Me that are still here. But there are also "new" parts. Things that I've managed or gotten over or made better or simply eradicated. The people that make up this Tribe all know that heart is heart and personality flaws are ever-amended. In other words, people can and do change.

And still they love.

One such Tribe member is a woman who is as genteel as they come. And when I say "genteel", I mean it. She's a Southern woman who lives her beliefs. She is kind and giving and gentle (not to be confused with "genteel". Look it up.) and full of faith and more loving than words can relay. When we first met, I was living in Nashville. I was in hot pursuit of a recording contract. I was also in need of a job. I got one...and then she came to work there. We became fast friends despite our very obvious religious differences. (and lemme tell ya, if you've never been to the South, this is a large thing. LARGE.) She didn't hold it against me. And vice versa. In fact I even attended a service at her church once. Only once. But she didn't care about all that. Neither did I. She was, to me, love personified...and apparently she felt the same. {Thank GOD!!!} She is extremely talented, equally funny, and always willing to open her heart and her home to those in need. Particularly when it comes to Critters. She also happens to be one of my biggest inspirations. It is because of her that I want (and will have) that ranch in Colorado. For all the horses/dogs/cats who need a place to BE. It is because of her that I still believe it possible.

It is this woman I speak of now. She is the reason I can laugh right now...instead of losing my mind over ridiculous bullshit that isn't worth the time it takes to type the words. It is also because of her that the puppy that graces my space is here. Had it not been for her, Sophie wouldn't be here. Honest to Pete! So to say that she is a "source of inspiration" is kinda lame. She's so much more than that. But before I lose you {yes I do understand how short attention spans are. Dammit.}..I just wanted to remind those of you who might think otherwise:

It is those quiet, seemingly calm people who will often surprise the shit outta you. Those ones who are always so sweet. And kind. And patient. Those ones who go to church and say their prayers and pay their taxes and don't whisper an ill word. EVER. It is those people who will kick the ever-lovin' shit outta anybody who stands in the way of anyone they love. It is those ones who will wait. And plan. And then...from outta nowhere...knock your stupid ass out if you fuck with anyone they love.

{Aside: I am quite certain that when she reads this she will be amused. And also she might wrinkle her adorable little nose when she reads "fuck" and "stupid ass"...because she is a genteel woman and her vocabulary does not include such words. But she loves me anyway. Which is why she will be amused. I think.}

And...if you think I'm kidding....even a little would be


I love you, Miz D! With all my heart!

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