Monday, May 26, 2014

Challenges Can Still Be About....JOY???

Okay. So maybe there are still some folks who can't help but roll their eyes about all the "Joy is a CHOICE" thang. First thing you need to know is: I'm not trying to convert them. Or you. Or anybody else who thinks that this is too much "fluff" and not enough "reality". To them, I say, AlrightyThen. You go right on with your way and I'll go right on with mine.

Like I said...I'm not here to convert.

I know, all too well, how infuriating it is when someone who believes what they believe tries to make you believe the same thing. It's enough to make a person homicidal.

Also, t'aint no fun.

So rather than trying to go there,  I'm thinking I'll offer up that little disclaimer...and move on.

You get to decide (to read...or not to read...would Shakespeare approve?)

I suppose a little foreword might be in order here; but since I'm in a semi-funky mood, I'm not going to do that either. Rather, I will offer this:

If you've been here for any length of time, you already know that I am a Being who wishes to blossom. And also to nurture those who wish to blossom. So any tainting of said blossoming is merely a lapse in energetic balance. Ain't no thang. It is, however, a glimpse into the moments when this Blossoming Being wonders why She does this at all.

Yes. I am Human.
{at the moment}

{I was about to say, "PRAISE JESUS!" and then, "PRAISE ALLAH!") and then...I thought I might not like to say either of those things, since I don't like to limit my praises to just those guys. Because, really...I'm not in favor of religious shit. I'm more about the HALLELUJAH! of it all. Allah..sounds cool. Jesus...a super cool dude. Either way, I'm not partial. Also, it is my understanding that anytime you use the word "Allah", you are subject to the not-so-civilized badgering of a government that seems bent on the idea that anyone who says "Allah" is a terrorist. That, in itself, is a conversation I hope never to have. But I digress....}

As I was saying...

The whole point of this particular missive is that challenges, or obstacles, or big-giant-pain-in-the-ass moments really can be about choosing Joy. In fact, any tiny choice you need to make, on any given day, in any single moment, really is about whether (or not) you'd prefer Joy.

You see, it isn't about what anybody else chooses. Or about the crap you see on the news.

{Aside #1: Really? You watch the "news"? So tell me...what's new about it? Do you really think that your life is going to be better for watching it? REALLY?}

It's more about what you choose to focus on. It's about whether or not you can see, from a little bit outside of all the shit that's going on, where you'd prefer to go. It's about your ability to stop...and watch rather than just letting whatever it is, suck you into some sort of incredibly Icky vortex...and make you think you don't have a choice.

Again, I refer to the rolling of eyes. And all that jazz.

I know there are people who don't buy it. I know there are people who think that they don't have a choice. I know there are people who prefer blame over the acceptance of their own reality. I know. I also know that it is the very people who roll their eyes, think they don't have a choice, and prefer blame, who will tell you that "life is a bitch. and then you die."

No thanks.

I have always (and still do) believed that the only person to "blame" for what's going on in my world is ME. I also acknowledge that some of the stuff that's going on isn't about my actually having chosen so much as about my having not been aware enough to know I was, by default, letting shit happen.

Either way...I refuse to hold anyone else hostage for any of it.

I'm saying that regardless of what may or may not be going on in your world right {and only you} are the only one who can change it. I don't care how large that mountain looks. I don't care if you think you were "born into" it. I don't care if your life is a complete disaster and you think there's only one way out. (PLEASE! There's always another way!)

YOU are the keeper of your Life.
YOU are the one-and-only Being who can create the world you wish to live.
YOU MATTER. (thank you, Miz Terri)
And it is up to YOU to step back, take a breath, and decide that


is the only path you'll walk.

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