Monday, April 30, 2012

As always...the choice is YOURS ~

Not long ago, we moved into a new abode with brandy new surroundings and some added extras not had in our previous residence. Among those extras is more channels on DishNetwork. Now, being the persnickety TV viewer that I am, most of the stuff offered on TV is, in my not so humble opinion, CRAP. However, as with all things media, there are certainly some choice options too. Anyway, among the newer channels I now have available is Miz Winfrey's OWN. There was a time when I was a huge fan of hers. Then, some things changed (or was it me?!) and I kinda fell off the Oprah wagon. But I still wanted to see what her network was about. And so...

She had this Life Class thing that she was doing; apparently an offshoot of something she'd begun a while back. Among the featured 'guests' were Iyanla VanZant, Tony Robbins, Deepak Chopra, and some other folks I'd never heard of. So last night, I'm watching the rebroadcast of Iyanla (I missed it first go 'round), thinking it'd be fun to hear what she had to offer. Now, I don't know if you're familiar with her work but she can be quite fun to listen to. She has a sassiness that appeals to the likes of this Imp. In any case, I'm sitting there watching this thing unfold when I began to get this little knot in my belly. I was acutely aware of it, from the moment it began. So I paid attention, without letting it "grow larger" and continued to listen/watch as she did what she does. Suddenly, as if someone had snuck up behind my chair and tipped it over, I jumped out of my seat and switched the program off. I didn't want to see/hear one more word. I was a bit surprised by the feelings that came flyin' up. And then it hit me: just because this is what she believes does not make it so. We are each entitled to our beliefs, our practices, our choices. And just because hers are not akin to mine, doesn't mean I need to react so strongly. It was an angst that is all too familiar to me. And when it happened, I realized just how NOT in balance I can sometimes be. It really shocked me!

So it seemed appropriate that I share this today. It appears that no matter how "far along" we think we have come, sometimes it's not nearly as far as we might like it to be. Sometimes, stuff like that is a terrific wake-up call. pays to pay attention!

The gist of all this is: regardless of where you are on your path, or what you have or have not yet done, regardless of whether or not you agree with someone else's truth, the only things that really matter are those things that feel like YOUR truth. There is no right or wrong. There is no test to pass. There is no other (person's) judgment that makes a difference. Only YOU can choose what fits your Life. Only YOU know how something feels to your own Self. Trust that. Trust whatever those voices or vibes or gut feelings tell you. Because, in the end, the Life you live is yours and yours alone. I don't care how "famous" they are. "They" are not YOU.

'Nuff said.

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