Friday, February 10, 2012

A bit of clarification...?

So, in case you didn't know, I have TWO blogs. That is to say, two blogs that I "show". {the others are for my own personal rantings...and for the souls who need no eyes to see. Like all those "dead" ones I love and adore. but lest I digress...}...I have two blogs and sometimes I simply don't have two in me. So...every now and then I'll write on one and then copy/paste it to the other. Not sure why I do that or even if it makes any sense. But today I thought it might be good to just link this to that and see if I don't UP my readership. Either way, this one made me laugh when I re-read...and since I already posted some little blurb earlier today, you get to have double the fun.

Gee. Aren't you happy you came back?

So then...

It's entitled "The Boomerang Effect". But don't be mislead. I know I've already written something here entitled as such, but it is not the same thing...or idea...or even remotely close. So don't you dare roll your eyes!

P.S. Each link brings you to a different place. Go

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