Friday, January 20, 2012

Holy Guacamole!

And another Friday arrives...

Once again I am astonished by how quickly these days just zoom by. One minute it's Christmas thing ya know it's the end of January. WHUT THE.....???

So I got to thinking about all the gurus who claim that this time/space reality is just an illusion. How time is really about perspective. How everything that we see and experience is simply our own estimation of said illusion. When Einstein was doing his research he was convinced that all of this that we call 'reality' was some kind of cosmic joke. Ol' Albert did have a sense of humor (if you don't think so, just get a load of that crazy hair!). Anyhoooo...Mr. Einstein made many claims about his own estimation of this place we call home, and for the most part was met with great consternation. Many of his colleagues thought he was out of his damn mind. And maybe he was. But the fact remains that long after he left the planet, physicists and other scientific types found his theories to be amazingly accurate. Go figure.

But lest I digress (ooops. too late...) what I'm trying to get at is this:

What IF the whole time/space reality really IS an illusion? What if all the things we see and hear and touch are just "real" because we believe them to be? What if we didn't believe that the chair we sit on or the pain we feel were real? If we were to convince our puny human brains that the pain is an illusion, would it then disappear? Would our "lack" of whatever it is we think we're lacking no longer be part of our experience? Would the clock no longer hold any meaning to us?

Just wondering.

Uh oh.

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