Thursday, January 12, 2012

The gate is open...

Okay. For the record, yesterday just had too many glitches for a good posting, so I opted to skip it. No apologies. Just sayin'....

But today is a new day and as with any other thing, one does not have to relive what one does not want to relive. So...I got to thinking about epiphanies. You know...when you get this outta nowhere insight that just lights up your brain like fireworks on the fourth of July. Sometimes those epiphanies are so delicious. They make you feel like you're on top of the world...and not a thing can stop you from enjoying the view. Other times...not so delicious. Other times they are even a bit sad. Because after "all that time", you realize that this thing that has come to you is not necessarily a loveliness.'s simply about letting go.

There are all manner of cliches about this "letting go" thing. But lest I lose my train of thought (which is oh-so-easy to do), I shall forego citing them. Instead I will offer this:

There are times in one's Life when it just makes good sense to stop holding on to something that only ever seems to cause one pain. Say, for example, the thought of a sibling or close friend who seems to have cut loose any ties that may once have been so strong. It is a kind of melancholy that cannot be put into words. It is a mixture of sad and lonely all at once. It is simply not the kind of thing a JoyLover wants to spend any time with. Yet, somehow, these things must be met head on if one wishes to move onward and upward on the Joyful Path. And so...such epiphanies can be both cathartic and painful.

The good news is that once one has met this Beast face-to-face and finally put It to rest, there is a sense of freedom that washes over you; a kind of cleansing that can only be attributed to the release of ickiness. A breaking of the chains that bind, as if someone swung open the gate and said, "FREEDOM AWAITS! GO NOW! PLAY! ROMP! DANCE!"

It is this kind of epiphany that, once seen, can turn one's world into a brandy new playground. The sadness may linger for a bit, but there is more Joy than sadness. More light than darkness. More of the Good and less of the Ick. It is much muchier. Know what I mean?

I am reminded of that old saying that when one door closes, another will open. It has been my experience that the new door always leads to more of the things that I want. There has never been a time when that door did not lead me to more of who I really am. And for this, I am eternally grateful and fully appreciative. It's good to know, even in times of wavering trust, that it will all turn out just as it is meant to be.

Doncha just LOVE that?

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