Saturday, August 27, 2011

trusting your path

Nearer and nearer and nearer we those seemingly elusive but not-quite dreams that keep us moving ever onward. It's a funny thing...this whole trust thang.

Sometimes it seems that the path is so tangled and twisted, it's hard to see any path at all. Time to break out the machete, yes? Other times, it seems that the path is so straight-forward it makes you wonder why you'd take it at all. That is, if  you happen to be a Trail Blazer. Why follow the road most taken? Why not set out on a path that is your very own? Why not use those tools that got you to where you are right now?

It is oh-so-much-funner {I love the word "funner"...don't you?} to blaze a trail than it is to follow one that is littered with beer cans and candy you may find that pristine vista you know is awaiting. Having a newly-sharpened machete to blaze that trail is quite helpful. The obstacles that stand in your way are dropped to the ground in an instant. The smells of freshly cut greenery rise up into your nostrils...forcing you to breathe deeply...and a giggle escapes without your awareness it is coming. Little critters scatter as you noisily march your way forward....but they don't go far. Perhaps they know there's a special kinda somebody passing this way.. Or perhaps they, too, are in awe of the vista that they know awaits the blazer.

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