Friday, July 8, 2011

Laughter Yoga? What'll they think of next?

Just when ya think you've heard it all...somebody comes up with something to make you scratch your head...and laugh! In case you haven't heard about it, there is a wave sweeping the world (yes, the world!) called Laughter Yoga. Not surprisingly, the movement began with a doctor from India, Dr. Madhuri Kataria, who, along with a whole group of other doctors around the world, had been doing research on the benefits of laughter. The University of California (Irvine) did its own research to find that "mirthful laughter" actually killed cancer cells.

And now, Laughter Clubs are popping up all over the planet. People gather together (usually early in the mornings) to begin their day with the exercises that combine both laughter and Yogic breathing techniques. There are online clubs for those who can't find one locally. There are also BlogTV sites where you can join in the fun right at your computer.

I'm still cracking up over all this. I watched the video (it's down at the bottom of the post) and still couldn't get over how brilliant the idea. I also found the website, where there is lots of information and other entertaining stuff to make you laugh. For my part, I'm going to look into some of the clubs in these parts. How fun it will be to gather together with a group of people, listening to the ocean roar in the background, and laugh ourselves silly. I'll let ya know how that goes.

Anyway...I just wanted to share these links and the video with you. It made me laugh so hard...and the grin remains, even now. Oh...and yea...I do feel better too.

Laughter Yoga International Website

P.S. Ain't it funny....I had just finished a piece for my HubPages and guess what it was about...
Oh yea. You guessed it.
Go figure.

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