Thursday, July 7, 2011

everybody needs a hero

Okay. Before you get your shorts in a twist...let me remind you that humor is an essential element of Joy (in my world, anyway). So the title here might be off a bit, but it was the first thing that popped into my silly head. So there.

Moving on.

I found this new site about a week ago. It is a writer's venue with very high marks (and a super high rating on Alexa). As I am always looking for new ways to get my stuff out there, when I stumbled across this one I just had to investigate.

The name of the place is HubPages. What makes it so fun is the user-friendliness, the many options and the potential for income. Of course, the income part is based on clicks (ads and such) but isn't that how they all work? No matter. I like the feel of the place. I like that the staff is so accessible. Most of all, there are some pretty terrific writers there...and they seem to be as friendly and helpful a group as I've ever run across. Good peeps all around.

As is my norm, when I get excited about a thing, I tend to go full throttle. Nothing different with this new find. I'm getting lots of feedback from folks who've been there a while; stuff like how to maximize my reads, how to promote without "spamming", how to meet other people, and even how to use the capsules to get people over to Amazon and buy my book. (You remember, right? That sweet little book I wrote a couple years back? Remember??? If not, go see ....HERE!)

Another cool thing about HubPages is that they make it easy to post photos and videos in your Hubs. They encourage this practice, as they have found that the more of this kind of stuff you have, the more the pieces are likely to be found and read. What this equates to is more thoughtful writing. More research. More honing. And ya'll know how I love to hone.

So while I was working on a piece yesterday, I found this. I am a great fan of Calvin and Hobbes...(Oh. Big surprise there, huh?) and when I saw this strip I just had to include it in the piece. And then...this morning while I sat sipping my coffee, I took another look at it and just had to share it with you too.

Calvin is my hero. He's just so danged incorrigible...and irreverent. Plus, he has Hobbes. Who, by the way, is the coolest cat around. How can ya not love those two? Kooky little imps.

That is all.

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