Monday, February 14, 2011

a rose is a rose is a rose

Valentine's Day is one of those "holidays" that's always been a bit of a mystery to me. Don't get me wrong. I'm as romantic as they come. But I just never got the whole "day". Like how some people wait til that one day to "show" their love. Isn't love something that you DO? Why would you only "do" it once a year? And furthermore, why in the world would anyone spend such ridiculous amounts of time/money/stress over this one "occasion" to show the love?

You've seen the commercials. The jewelry stores are the very best at this: "Show her just how much you love her...." ACKKKKKKK! REALLY????? So does that mean if you buy her diamonds (the bigger the better) you're saying "I love you this much"? What about those people who don't have the financial means to "show her how much you love her"? Does this mean they don't love her? Does this mean that all those men who are doing their best to feed his kids and keep a roof over their heads is NOT in love with his wife/mate/etc.?
{Let's face it...this is a "Lady's Day". How many women do YOU know who go all bonkers over V-Day presents for their men? Poor guys.}

I'm tellin' ya, I just never did get it.

The other aspect of all this that has become increasingly more obvious is all the women out theer who are "single". Valentine's Day is a 'single' woman's nightmare. I have a few girlfriends who get downright depressed on V-Dau. A puzzle to be sure.

When I hear my girlfriends talk about "the day" coming up and how depressed/frustrated/jealous they are, I always ask them one question:

"Are you loved?"

Because, in my book, if there's gonna be a HOLIDAY to say "I Love You", it oughta include ALL the love. Not just the romantic kind. And on that note:

In case you didn't know this, Valentine's Day is actually a Christian holiday. Yep. That's right. You can look it up. So how come it affects those who are not Christian? How come it's all about the money and the "show". How come my 'single' girlfriends who don't believe in God anymore than they believe in the Tooth Fairy get so bent out of shape? Wonder if they know...(Okay. Quick aside here: the term "single" is almost as annoying as a gnat up my nose. I have and always be SINGLE. As in a SINGULAR PERSON. Married or not. I am a single person. As far as I know, there isn't another one of me, unless you count the whole Quantum theory. but let's not go there, okay? What I'm saying is:  What IS it with that word????)

I'm all about the Joyz. And if you've been here more than once (or even just once) you already know this. So please don't think I'm trying to get off the Joy. I am NOT. What I am attempting here is to let you know, if you just so happen to be in solo mode...that this is, for all intents and purposes, a HALLMARK HOLIDAY. If you happen to be Christian, then perhaps you already know the hows and whys. If not, take a moment and go investigate. Because even though the original intent was to "show one's affection in an intimate relationship", today's Valentine's Day is more about loot and roses and dinner at a nice restaurant. And maybe, if Dude has the bucks, a romantic weekend in some lavish hotel. If you want to buy into all that, it's your business. But if you happen to be without a mate and this day gets you down, please take heart.

Love is all around you. Love is not a one day show. Love is something we DO. And if it makes you feel any less stressed, send YOURSELF a dozen roses. But I guarantee you this: no matter who sent 'em, they're still gonna die after a few days. Is that what love is to you?

P.S. I do realize this is nothing like my "usual" meandering. I felt it needed to be said, though. I felt it all the way down to my pretty little toes that it needed to be said for all my girls who are struggling without a dinner date or a box of chocolates and who have yet to realize that it is within their power to treat themselves. Me...I'm making T-bones and potatoes au gratin for me and my curly little guy. No roses required. Just all the love he gives me, ALL DAY EVERY DAY.

P.S.S. If you think nobody loves you, you are mistaken. I LOVE YOU. And I don't care if we've never met. I love you anyway. So there.

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Bella Mia said...

Thank you, Camille, and Bravo for you post. I too am a "single" person. The way I see it, I can count on my loving myself. If others do that is icing on the cake. I feel that in the essence of who I am, I am Love and the more I connect with that essence, the more I feel loved and the more I can love others. I am grateful for this love and that I am open to experiencing it...Love you too, my Dear.
PS I've ordered you book from Amazon. Can't wait to read it!