Monday, January 17, 2011

It's not only is ESSENTIAL!

Your well-being is THE most important thing. More important than money in the bank, or a fancy schmancy house, or the winning lottery numbers. Although, those things are pretty fun to have and I do not undermine them. After all, material 'things' are merely another form of universal energy. Stuff is fun to have. But none of it matters if YOU are not well. Not just physically, mind you. But all the way 'round well.

One of the most challenging things in the world of planetary cohabitation is letting go the idea that other folks have anything at all to do with your well-being. That other folks can make you happy or miserable. That other folks have any semblance of influence on your well-being. Cuz it just ain't so. I'm not saying it's easy to let go these concepts. I'm saying that once you do, your life will change more dramatically than you might ever imagine.

The tricky part is gettin' on this ride. Or rather, gettin' off the other ride. Or maybe it's both. Point is, ya just gotta find a way to let go the idea that your roommate, husband, wife, neighbor, co-worker, boss, sister, cousin, WHOEVER... has the power to make or break your day. They don't. It's merely a matter of letting them be whoever they are, letting go the judgments, and movin' along in your groove.

But HOW????

Ya'll know how big I am on 'experiments'. I love trying new stuff out, just for the fun of seeing how it works. I love making those subtle little shifts and watching the rest unfold. And, most of all, I love love love when I make those shifts, set an intention, and just let 'er rip. Once you get past the fear part, it's really a blast. Honest! It's way easier to focus on your own stuff than it is to try and change some bonehead's behavior to suit your desires. Nine out of ten times it just ain't gonna happen. And on those rare occasions when it does, you can be pretty sure it won't last long. People are just ... well....people. And most of 'em don't have a clue about what they really want. Don't believe me? Just do your own experiment. The next ten people you meet, ask 'em. Ask 'em what they really want. I guarantee, most of 'em are gonna tell you what they DON'T want. In great detail. Every gruesome description they can come up with. It's just the nature of the silly beast.

I've done this experiment many times over the past twenty years. No kiddin'! And my findings have always been the same. More than 90% of those people told me what they did not want. But when pressed for what they did want, most of them said "I want to win the lottery.". Gee. Go figure. But here's the even funnier part: when asked WHY they wanted to win the lottery, their answers were also quite vague. It was as if they thought that somehow, by being a gazillionaire, all their troubles would just disappear. What they didn't seem to realize is that all the money in the world will not change the essence of who you really are. Sure, that dinero can buy you a big house and a new car and a trip around the world, but it ain't gonna change how you feel about yourself. Ask any gazillionaire. They'll tell you the same thing. (For the record, I've done that experiment too. And it's true: those folks with tons of money say the same thing: it doesn't change the fundamental part of who you are. Money can't do that. YOU have to do that.)

So off track a bit there. (gee. big surprise.). What I was getting round to was that no matter who it is, or what the relationship is about, the only way those folks can screw up your vibe is if you let 'em. Laying your criticisms and judgments aside goes a long way in getting that free-flyin' ball rolling. The moment you do this, you'll notice the difference immediately. You'll feel it all the way to your toes. And it's big enough to make the whole of your body giggle like a kook. It is a high unto itself. Fun with no side affects. But most importantly, it lets them and you off the hook. As soon as you stop holding them responsible for your happiness (or misery, as it were), you open up a whole new world that's filled with unlimited possibilities. Unlimited joy. Unlimited magick.

Don't let the tricky part trip you up. You can do it. And it's worth the time it takes to figure it out.


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