Wednesday, January 19, 2011

holy moly!

{Before we begin; in case you didn't know... "moly" is a magick herb given to Odysseus by Hermes to nullify the spells of Circe. I just like saying "HOLY MOLY!"; makes me giggle every time. And now you know.}

So then...let's get on with it.

I say "Holy Moly" because...I thought I'd written this really cool piece today. Turns out I didn't. HOLY MOLY! Guess I did a little time traveling or some such. Else I'm losing what's left of my mind. Either way...I was about to do yet another experiment and when I came to edit, I saw that I'd somehow not posted that brilliant piece. Go figure. It gave my brain a little start, then my heart a giggle, then the whole idea that I was going to post earlier flew right out the window and another one came flyin' in. Such fun!

It's always amusing to me {note the word "amusing". As in "muse"-ing. As in "muse": get it?} when I have those moments of utter genius and they somehow get me so engaged that I go off into some otherworld...and then realize that hours have passed. It's eerie and cool and sometimes a little unsettling. But always it is amusing. So rather than chide (myself, that is), I shall relay the curious events that led me to this moment.

Took Bruzer for our morning stroll a little earlier than usual. Figured it would be good to just get out there. Had some kind of YaYa's goin' on and wanted to cut 'em loose. The place where we walk is quite stunning. There are tons of trees and flowering bushes (yes, we have flowers in January. It's Southern California, remember?) and hummingbirds and Red Tailed Hawks and all manner of wow-factor. It also happens to be very quiet; no cars zooming by or those pesky super-boomer stereos blasting out as they go by. In short, it's a little slice of paradise. Bruzer likes it because there are no burrs to get stuck in his curly little paws. I like it for all the pretties AND because it's quite flat which means I can walk much further with nary a nudge of discomfort. Perfect all the way around.

So there we were, toodling along, enjoying the early morning sunshine, when out of the blue this icky thought came flyin' into my head. It surprised me so much I actually stopped walking. I thought, "WHOA! WHERE THE HECK DID THAT COME FROM???" Bruzer noted my pause and stopped to look at me. "What's up? Why are you stopping? We're not done yet, are we?" {if you think he doesn't 'talk', you are mistaken. I can hear every 'word'.} I gathered myself and continued on, focused on breathing and letting that ick keep right on goin' somewhere else.

But dang it! It just kept popping back up. The more I tried to push it off, the more insistent it was. Oh brother. This is gonna be one of THOSE, huh?

At some point I realized that it wasn't going to go away until I just let it go full-blown. I needed to NOT stop it but rather to let it be as loud and obnoxious as it wanted. Some thoughts are stubborn like that, you know? Some thoughts have a mind of their own. {Huh???}. But you know what I'm sayin' here. Come on. It's happened to you too. That pesky little nagger that won't let you be. Try as you might, ya just can't get it to leave you alone. So....quit fighting it!

About the time I watched that sucker come into full view, I laughed aloud and watched it poof into nowhereland. POOF. Just like that, it was gone. Truth be told, I can't even remember what the thought was. No kidding! It was a nagger because I was fighting it for air time. As soon as I granted it (said air time) it vanished. And when I use the word "poof"....I mean it. Ya know those fun bubbles you see on cartoons...and then they go poof and you see the little splat and then the bubble is gone? Like that. Only more colorful.

Now, in case you're wondering if I really have lost my mind, please do not despair. I have not. It's just that I'm letting my mind have more fun with stuff. And that whole pesky, stubborn, icky thought was just one more way I'm doing that. The best part is that when you stop fighting stuff and you just let it live it's moment, it's gone faster than you could have gotten it gone even if you have a flame-thrower or one of those handy grenade launchers. Proof of this is that I can no longer recall what that thought was. I can only recall the power struggle and the way it all worked out.

Imagine that.

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Merry ME said...

I was up til 3am writing a story for my writing group which, as it turned out, I could not attend. I sat by Dad's bed and edited it to 1st draft perfection then hit save. Only I must have hit cancel because I can't find it anywhere. I hate it when that happens. So I'm back to the drawing board.

Southern CA is quite a place in Jan. when all the world is covered in snow. Well, except for the mud!