Saturday, December 11, 2010

sun-dried goodness

there's just something about drying clothes in the sun, ya know?
there's a smell that can only be described as
how can ya beat that?

i am blessed to live in a place where, 
even in winter, the days are usually quite warm.
do not be fooled. 
it gets c-o-l-d here too.
but mostly it's at night.
and mostly it doesn't last long once the sun comes up.
the temps here can vary as much as forty degrees
from night to day
but even still, i can do my laundry
 and never have to touch the gas dryer.

as i was hanging my clothes out this morning, 
looking at the magnificent mountains off in the distance
listening to the red-tailed hawks screech across the skies
and the crazy little chickens making their crazy little noises
i was overwhelmed with this feeling of...
utter bliss.
no. really.
i know that sounds kinda goofy
but i don't care.
it's true!
i got goose bumps all over 
 let out a giggle that surprised me as much as it did my dog.
he looked up as if to say,
"what's up? what're you gigglin' about now?"
i walked over and gave him a big ol' hug
and thanked him for being here.
i just felt this incredibly huge appreciation
for all that is my LIFE.

there's just somethin' about
that sun-dried goodness
ya know?

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