Sunday, November 14, 2010

An Award for JOYZACHOICE???!!!

Yesterday I wrote about the many flavors of riches...and how it's not just about dollars. Seems the gods heard my appreciation...and added to all that with an award. Can you believe it??? Yep. It's true. So let me share all this with you and maybe we can ALL spread that gracious space of gratitude....

There is a woman who does many amazing things to help as many folks as she can. Her name is "Mother Connie" and one of her sites is "Mother Connie Sez". This woman awarded my Blog with the "Stylish Blogger" honor. Imagine that! So, as requested, I am going to continue this river of gratitude by following said instructions and allowing this wave to grow.

First I am to thank and link back to the person who gave me the award. That, of course, is Mother Connie.
Next I am to share 7 things about myself (uh-oh).
Then list 15 other great bloggers.
Lastly, I must contact those bloggers to let them know about their award. goes:

Mother Connie Sez...a fun and inspiring site that just oozes this woman's love for life. Thank you Miz Connie!

Now the scary part...7 things about moi...

  1. I am the consummate neat-freak. Love when things are all tidy and clean. Cleaning is my meditation. 
  2. I adore critters. ALL of 'em. (well, okay...not ALL. Not too crazy about the parasitic types.)
  3. I lived in Nashville for almost 2 years, in pursuit of the ever-elusive recording contract. Yep. I'm a singer/songwriter/guitar picker. (never did get that contract, but it sure was fun tryin'.)
  4. I talk to trees. (and they talk back. No. I'm not crazy.)
  5. I'm a terrific cook. Love to cook. Love to eat. Love to feed people.
  6. I drive a PURPLE Toyota pickup truck. 
  7. When I moved to Taos, NM, I took my dog, my cat and my 2 chickens with me. (you shoulda seen the looks on peoples faces when I'd open the back of the truck and let the chickens out to stretch. It was a HOOT!)

And now...for those other terrific bloggers: (they are in no particular order. They are ALL fantastic!)

  1. Honor Yourself
  2. Heal Pain Naturally
  3. The Muse Is In
  4. Bodacious Boomer
  5. These Are My Words, Man
  6. AirJohn61's Blog
  7. Random Thoughts
  8. Being Queen
  9. Into the Mist
  10. Beyond the Shelterbelt
  11. HeartSongs
  12. Dancing Fire
  13. Feather Spirits 
  14. The Soaring Impulse
  15. Feisty Side of Fifty

I realize there are lots of links here...and you may not get to them all right now. No worries. They're ALL worth visiting (in my not-so-humble opinion) and you may just find something really valuable whilst you meander through. Most of them are folks who are just sharing their experiences; some of them have stuff you can buy. But not many. I don't fault anyone for tryin' to make a buck. Especially when they've got groovy stuff. Up to you. In any case, I have found these sites to be both inspired and inspiring. There's  not enough time in the day to visit them all every day, but I do my best to drop in at least once a week. And so...

Thank you again to Mother Connie. And to all of you who come visit me here. You are ALL treasures to me.

Wishing you a SPLENDID SUNDAY!
My heart~
Camille Olivia


Merry ME said...

Well, my goodness. Thank you very much.

Connie Baum said...

Vintage Taloula! Thanks for the shout out and thanks for always bringing the world your joy.

I can't WAIT to meet all your blogger pals...they say like attracts like unto itself so I'm expecting good things!

Mother Connie

Eileen Williams said...

Thank you so much for presenting Feisty Side of Fifty with a Stylish Blog award! I'm honored and, coming from you, makes it extra special.

JoyZaChoice celebrates all that's truly important in life--the 5 f's: family, friends, food, furry creatures, and fun.

I'm thrilled you're adding Feisty to your already abundant "f" collection. I'll treasure this distinction and appreciate your thoughtfulness!

AJ said...

nice to see you writing again...

Bodaciousboomer said...

Hi kiddo. Thanks for putting me on your list. I really do appreciate it.