Wednesday, August 11, 2010

poser for today...

What if a moose showed up in your front yard? A baby moose. With no mama in sight. What would you do?

If you've never seen a moose in real life, I can tell ya they're pretty awesome creatures. Even when they're babies. These are MONDO-HUGE critters. Cute as can be. But still. MONDO HUGE. Even the most experienced animal lovers will attest to this. These critters will inspire awe, regardless of how many other critters you've seen, met or otherwise encountered.


So....if a moose showed up in your yard, would you feed it? Or call the 'authorities'? Would you attempt to find the mama? Would you shoot it? What would you DO?

I'm just curious.
P.S. if you want to answer this question, please email me at I will be SO excited to hear from you!

(more later. promise.)

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