Tuesday, June 8, 2010

when the funk comes a-knockin' ....

Inexplicable. That's what it is.

How do you explain a funk?

I mean, everything is so darned lovely.

The weather is P-E-R-F-E-C-T.

No kidding.

The dog is fabulous; pure joy in the flesh.

There's food in the fridge; flowers blooming; breezes blowing; blue skies; no humidity (ya just gotta love the West Coast!); gas tank full; clothes washed; fountains gurgling; wind chimes chiming; rent paid; phone working; internet humming; love; friendship; need I go on?

In other words: what the hell brings a funk when Life is so wonderful?

Haven't a clue.

What I do know is that every now and then, it just HITS. Outta nowhere, it comes slinking in like a rattlesnake on a hot day. Looking for somewhere to hide, waiting for the unsuspecting to stroll by so he can bite your ankle.


When this pesky funk shows up...well, there ain't a whole hellofalot you can do about it...'cept maybe just ride it out. Kinda like being on the ol' bucking bronc. Hang on tight and let out a couple of YEEEEEEEEEEEEHAWWWWWWWWs...and hope he tires out before you git to flyin'. You know...ENJOY THE RIDE.

Yea. You could fight it. You could whine about it. You could bitch and moan and wahhhhhh to your friends.


You can thank your lucky stars that you have the wherewithal to endure the ride. That you have enough life experience to know that EVERYTHING is temporary. That you have the power to shift your perspective (and your attitude) so you can learn something from the funk's presence.

And when the funk has left the building, you can embrace the peace that always comes when your world is right again.

For now...that is enough.

1 comment:

terri said...

can i just say i'm really not fond of the funk?!
sendin' you some good vibes that the funk will leave the building soon.
in the meantime, hang tight!
thinking of you.....