Thursday, June 24, 2010

this whole vortex thang....

Most of ya'll know that I'm a big fan of Abraham. Love their sense of humor. Love their delivery. Love the messages. Until now, I've only read the books and listened to some audio stuff, along with any videos they put up on YouTube. Until now.

I finally got off my scaredy-cat ass and purchased a 2-disc DVD called "Getting Into the Vortex". Mostly because the little clip they posted was just too darned compelling to dismiss. That and the reviews. Now, first let me say that I don't base my decisions on what other people say to do or not do. BUT (ah yes. the ever-present "but") I do take those things into consideration when I'm thinking about making such a purchase. Of course I realize that we're all different and we all have our own opinions on such things. So I look at what others have to say, take it all with a grain of salt...and make my choice. Having said all that, I will go further and say this: don't take my word on anything. It's all up to you.

Gee. Aren't you glad I told ya that?

Anyhoooo ~ I bought the set and sat down last night to immerse myself. Had a glass of wine and 2 adorable puppies lounging with me. I was ready for whatever they had to share...and quite eager about being able to "see" them instead of just listening. I find Esther (Hicks) a most pleasant woman to watch...and her willingness to allow them to speak through her is a most beautiful thing.

Now, before I go further let me also say I was never much into the whole "channeling" thing. I just didn't buy it. For the most part I considered it a bunch of hokus pokus and just another way for some folks to take your money. That is, until I heard Esther (or rather, Abraham) speak. There was just something about it that drilled all the way to my core. I just knew it was for real. Don't know why. Don't really care to know. Just knew. Even when my little Lizard Brain would argue with me over it, I'd tell it to be quiet...because even if it is a bunch of hokus pokus, it's still terrific stuff. Who the hell cares who's speaking? If it resonates, it resonates. What else matters? So then...

I got to watching this video and BOYHOWDY! Talk about vibrating! My whole Being was all tingly and the hairs were standing up on my arms and I was gigglin' and hootin' and hollerin' and just havin' a big time. The dogs were looking at me like I'd lost my mind...but that's nothing new either. I really think they get a kick outta my antics....mostly. Apparently it doesn't bother them, else they'd just up and go elsewhere. Cool critters both.

Short of giving you a dissertation here, I'm just going to offer this:

If you have any semblance of desire to move yourself into a different place...whether it be vibrationally, emotionally, spiritually or any other "", this is a video you will absolutely appreciate. They are so right on the nose on so many things...and even if it's stuff you think you've already 'heard', you will hear it in an entirely different way. This whole vortex thang....well, I just didn't quite get what the heck they were goin' on about until I watched this video. Every time I'd hear or read about it, the first thing that would pop into my head was "HOWWWWWW??????? How the hell do I get there? Come on, ya'll! Give up the goods!"

This video goes there. They get all passionate about it too. There are a few spots where the folks on the "hot seat" are a bit...dense. They just aren't hearing what Abraham is trying to relay. Even those people did not annoy me. (and that's saying something). I could feel the patience emanating (from Abraham)...and even saw a hint of amusement on Esther's face. So rather than getting all aggravated, I just focused on what they were offering and let all the rest go.

Gee. What a concept.

There were a few spots in particular that really hit hard. So hard that I had to stop the video, get up and go outside to take a breath. Then I came back in, rewound and watched again. I'm tellin' ya, this was powerful stuff. Between the laughter and the clapping of hands, there were also a few tears. Good tears. That surprising jolt that fills your whole being with such joy you can't do anything but cry. That kinda stuff.

So then...if you're into this sorta thing and you think you might like a little jolt of your own, buy the video. It's worth every dollar.

Here's to ALL OF US getting into that vortex...and spreadin' the joy.

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