Monday, May 10, 2010

just 5 minutes

There is so much magick in gratitude. Gratitude can take you from despair to joy in a hot second. Gratitude can bring a boat-load of more...more of everything. Gratitude will change your world. Honest!

I learned a while back...that when I begin my day with gratitude, everything flows like yummy, melted butter. It's as if by the mere mental notation of all I have to be grateful for, the Universe gives me even more to be grateful for. THAT is the magick of gratitude.

In the wee hours of the morning, as I wake to the sounds of roosters (yea. I really do. It's such a hoot!), I lie there in my bed, looking out at the incredible vista right out my windows, and listen to those sounds. The roosters and the early birds doin' that thang they do...and the sound of my puppy shaking himself from his own sleep and dashing into my bedroom with that big ol' grin on his adorable fuzzy face. He gets up on the bed with me and snuggles in, lying over on his back so I can scratch his belly. I lie there, with a giant grin on my face and spend 5 or so minutes soaking it all in. I lie there and think about all the many things I have to be grateful for. I lie there, basking in the love that permeates my home, and feel the tickle rise up from my belly...making me giggle while I scratch the Bruzer's belly. 5 minutes is all it takes. 5 minutes of lying there, taking it all in...and appreciating every single thing that is my life.

How can a person NOT be grateful for all this? How can a person NOT wake up smiling when there is all this marvelous-ness? It's quite impossible to have a 'bad day' when you wake up like that. And THAT is how I begin each day.

Gratitude has taught me that even in the worst moments, if I will stop long enough to look around at my blessings, my world of beautiful Beings, the 'worst' moments disappear in a flash. Gone, gone, gone like a wisp of smoke on a windy day. POOF. Gone. Fear and despair don't stand a chance in the face of gratitude. Nor do any kind of icky emotions...because gratitude is the antidote to all things 'less than'. Gratitude is the perfectly rich soil that grows the fruits of our lives.

I had to meander about gratitude today just because. Just because it's Monday. And I'm here. And there isn't a single thing I have to be less than grateful for. Even the pesky dog barking up a storm cannot disturb this enormous great-full-ness.

Life is to be appreciated...for 'better or worse'. Life is to be seized and cherished...all the day long. Life is oh-so-much-better when lived in GREAT-FULL-NESS.

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