Tuesday, January 19, 2010

take the phone off the hook and disappear for a while...

Ya know, it's really okay to curl up and disappear for a while. It's okay to find a cozy spot, unplug your phones, turn off the computer, draw the curtains, lock the doors and just hole up. Really. It's okay. Better...better than okay. It's a delicious thing to do for yourself.

When was the last time you did? When was the last time you told your family to get lost for the day...and just had the house to yourself? When was the last time you called in 'sick' (or 'well', if you have a boss with a sense of humor) and just indulged yourself in your favorite pleasures...for no reason whatsoever? When was the last time you had a day just for YOU?

There is something marvelously enriching about doing such a thing. There is a kind of glow that grows inside, as if your Big Me is whispering to your Human Me, "Oh yes. This is what we're here for. This is the place where You and I can meet and remember. This is what it's about."

Me thinks that far too many folks ignore this indulgence. Far too many put everyone and everything else first. Far too many are running so fast they have no idea how to just BE. For those, I say a prayer. A prayer that they shall, sooner rather than later, come to some point where they remember just how much they matter. Just how much their own well-being relies on taking such simple pleasures...and refilling their wells. It is such an important part of living...yet, so many won't allow themselves this 'luxury'. But you know something? It is NOT a luxury. It is an essential part of living true to your Self. If you don't spend time with that Self, how will you ever hear what She has to say? How will you ever know what she's asking for?

I offer this up today, as I witness someone I love struggling with this very thing. She knows she must take time for herself, but she's doing everything she can to avoid it. Why? Because it scares the bejeebers outta her. It scares her to even think of being alone with her thoughts. It is, in her mind, as scary as walking the streets of a ghetto with hundred dollar bills pinned to her clothes. Scary, scary stuff.

So, on behalf of my sweet friend, I pose these questions to you in an attempt to nudge you a bit. To STOP and smell the roses...and give yourself a big ol' hug.

You deserve it.

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Connie Baum said...

Well, your sweet friend is blessed to have your good advice, if only she could dare to take it.

Mother Nature forced us to hunker down and it was absolutely delightful. Time to play, to think to do NOTHING has been a gift.

You also are a gift, Taloula.

Mother Connie