Thursday, October 22, 2009

embrace your changes

Do you really think that life would be 'better' if you never had to face change? Isn't change what life IS? Think about it...

If there were no change, you'd be born...and stay an infant. Forever.
The flowers would not bloom.
The grass would not grow.
The food you eat would not exist.
Day light would not come.
Nor would night.
New friends would not be made.
Love would not blossom.
Kindness would not spread.
Knowledge would not be gained.
Life would not even exist.

Change is as much a part of Life as breathing is. Change must be. Else we wouldn't. We all seem to resist change with every fiber of our beings, yet when those changes have been met, we always come out the other side better for them. Always. Even when it appears that these changes will destroy us, they do not.

Change is essential to our existence. To our unfolding. To our own becoming. If we were to stop resisting change, and rather embrace it, just think how much more fun it would be while we're going 'through' it. And isn't fun the very best thing to have?

Seems to me that change is one of the very best gifts we are bestowed as we walk through these lives that were meant to be lived in joy.

And yea...I just gotta say it (again!)

It's all about CHOICES.


Connie Baum said...

Joy and choosing it is one of the things on my daily ToDo list; hence I pop by your blog on a regular basis...

LOVE what you say about change. It's about EVOLVING, isn't it? We can change and grow or not and stagnate. P-U!

So, does this mean I must move beyond 33 when my birthday rolls around? grin

Mother Connie

Camille Olivia ~ aka: Taloula said...

no, miz connie. you can 'be' 33 for as long as you like. it's just a number, remember?