Thursday, September 17, 2009

those crazy doors...

You know how that saying goes...'when one door closes, another opens' know that one? Well, I'm here to tell ya, it's the truth. Even more, the harder that closed door slams, the bigger the treasure behind the next door. Kinda like Let's Make A Deal.

The 'deal' have to let that other door close and not look back. You have to forgo any semblance of regret or fear, and just trust that the next door is going to have even more treasure behind it. You have to laugh in the face of change, knowing that change is always for your good. Always. While we are averse to it, we fight this knowing. We don't want anything to force us to have to rethink our thoughts. We want things to just be how they are.

That is not how Life works. Not even close. Life IS change. Without it, we may as well just go find a shovel and start digging a hole in which to lie...buried in remorse and regret. There is no Life without change. Change is the stuff of Magick. Magick is the stuff of Life. It's all one big, splendid ride that will thrill and stretch...if you're brave enough to go for the ride in the first place.

It never ceases to amaze me, though. The way those new doors open up and the timing of it all. Even in Death, we can find joy...if we're willing to allow it. Mostly, me thinks...we don't allow the joy because we've been 'programmed' to believe it's wrong. We're supposed to suffer when someone dies. We're supposed to rue their passing and miss them and cry and feel sorry for ourselves. We are not supposed to feel joy. Tell me how this works?

I'm guessing that most folks have experienced Death in some form or other. I'm guessing that most times, too, those experiences were not in the least bit pleasant. But the weirdest part of all is that even if we've experienced it over and over, we somehow don't manage to see there is another way to take that journey. This is a bit of a mystery to me. I mean, usually when we re-experience a thing, whatever it may be, we find a way to do it differently each time. Like we learned from the last go round...and we make the choice to try something else the next go round. Ya know? So how come we don't do that with Death? Why is it that we can't see the beauty in Death? Is it because we're so afraid of living? Or's because we don't know HOW to live.

Today I look around at my world and marvel at the mysteries of both Life and Death. I marvel at the doors that are opening, even as I write this...and all the possibilities of new adventures. The joys of friendships and the power of love. The limitless power of those all their unknown flavors. And as I allow my Self to walk this path, without fear or apprehension, I marvel, too, at how differently I can 'see' now. The way I am able to observe it if I'm watching from outside my Self. Maybe that's what those sages have been trying to tell us all along. Don't take it so personally! Don't play the victim. Don't short-change your Self in the name of Ego. Just play, for godssake! Play and laugh and let it be.

Cuz in the's all about the ride.