Monday, September 7, 2009

Just when ya think you've found the secret formula, the perfect mix of stuff to really live as you intended, something else shows up and you realize that the mix wasn't as perfect as you thought. Or maybe, it was then, but it's not now. Like just a few seconds ago, when it was only 62* and the sun was shining on the prism in the window to my left creating a roomful of rainbows that bounced off my hands and made me feel like I could reach out and point my fingers and say abra-cadabra and manifest a pot full of gold right here next to me....and's suddenly 64* and the rainbows are gone cuz the sun has moved in 3 seconds flat and the magick has passed...

but wait...

There it is again. The rainbows are back but they're brighter now and the air is a little warmer and the tingles are running through my whole body instead of just my hands and I just know I could reach out and say abra-cadabra and now it's not a pot of gold but a whole sea of treasures mine for the having.

It's like that.

These moments that pass as quickly as we can blink black-lashed eyelids without knowing we have. Moments that hold a myriad of possibility, all as magickal as the ones before them. And the more you try to grab one....just one little moment...and hold onto it, the more elusive it becomes.

Moments are like that, huh?

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