Monday, August 3, 2009

I've been kind of back and forth with my blogs lately. I've got a few of them...and I was doing pretty well with daily 'attendance'. Then, I wasn't. My friend Terri posts every single day. And I look forward to reading her posts every single day. So I'm not sure why I've been remiss, except for maybe I've been so focused on my book and all the stuff that goes along with the publishing, etc., that I just didn't make time and/or energy for it. That's all I can figure.

Because even though I don't have a ton of followers (yet), I know there are a few folks who stop by often. I think that's so beautiful. So it kinda makes me feel...negligent when I don't show up, ya know? Like I'm not doing my part. And then I get all into that whole, "hey. why you wanna lay a guilt trip on yourself? what's up wit dat?"

{I don't know why that voice shows up, but it does. Go figure.}

Well anyway, I guess I just want ya'll to know that it's not because I don't give a hoot about you stopping by. Cuz I do. And it's not about me being in any way creatively stifled, cuz I'm not. I guess I just needed to be away for a I could come back and be even more happy about it.

whatever the case...
I'm glad you're here.
And me too.


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