Sunday, July 26, 2009

lessons from a kitchenaide mixer

There's something so beautiful, so delicious, about finding common harmony with people. Finding ways to help them, as they're making the effort to share their passions. Especially when said passions are being shared with their children.

So, when I saw the ad it caught my eye right away. She was looking for one of those KitchenAide mixers. The ones that weigh a ton and last a lifetime. The same kind my grandma had for 50 years. The ad was so sweet, and so authentic, I had to read it more than a few times, just because of the way it was written. Or rather, the way it made me feel when I read it. She wanted one of those mixers in the worst way. She and her little girls love to bake and the mixer they'd had finally pooped out. Rather than buy another cheapie one, she was determined to get one that would endure their shared passion forjavascript:void(0) baking. Her request was that it be 'in good condition and at a fair price'. She was also well aware of just how much they cost (at full retail).

Just so happens I have one of these dandy mixers. Also happens, I've used it maybe 6 times since I got it. I'm just not much into baking. Cooking, yes. Baking, not so much. Other thing is, I really hate things not being used for their purpose. It's a thing I picked up a long time ago, when I first learned the teachings of several Native American tribes. Everything has a purpose. And it is a great dishonor to Spirit when that thing does not meet it's purpose. In other words, when you have stuff just sitting around, collecting dust, it's just not right. I happen to believe this. It makes a lot of sense to me. So, when I have stuff that's just gathering dust, it kinda makes me nutso. Somebody could be using this. Somebody could be honoring it's purpose. It needs to go there.

Truth be told, I wrestled with it for a while, because I'd always wanted one and when I finally bought it for myself (as a Christmas present) I was thrilled. Still, I used it those few times, and just sat. Collecting dust. Not serving it's purpose. Not cool.

After about an hour of back and forth, I responded to her ad. She promptly wrote back with one of the nicest replies I've ever gotten from a stranger. She said she really didn't want me to sell it if I wasn't sure. She went on to say that if I was vacillating, maybe I should just keep it and she'd find one elsewhere. So very thoughtful of her.

In the end, I knew she must have it. I knew that it was going to be used, and valued, and appreciated by her and her little girls. I could almost see them in their kitchen, hopping around all excited about their new KitchenAide super-delluxe mixer. It made my heart happy.

Now, awaiting their arrival to come pick it up, I'm filled with a sweet kind of gratitude. I have no apprehension or remorse about 'letting it go'. I know that they're going to enjoy it far more than I ever would. I also know that, somewhere down the road, those little girls will learn the kind lessons from their mother about asking for what you want, and being gracious when you get it.

It doesn't get much better than that.

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