Thursday, July 2, 2009



it's thursday again. and it's JULY! and the year is past the half-way mark. GEEZ.

i just keep hearing that song in my head "nick of time" (bonnie raitt). there's one part where she says something like, "life gets kinda precious when there's less of it to waste". she's talking about her parents...and getting older. and so maybe that's why the whole 'time flyin' thing is so....alarming. or's just a reminder. don't waste ANY of it. make it all count. cherish every second. even the moments that are less-than happy ones. cherish them all.

so i'm sitting here, looking at the clock (only because i have to be somewhere at 3:30, otherwise, i couldn't give a rip about what time it is), and wondering it got to be 2:00...when it seems like i just got up an hour ago (i got up 8 hours ago!). whut the....???

chella is roaming in and out of my office, yakkin' at me every time she walks in. she wants my attention. and right now, aside from reaching down to stroke her a few times, i'm not giving it to her. what she REALLY wants is for me to brush her. but she wants that all day, every day. i swear that cat would let me brush her from sun up to sun down, if i'd do it. crazy cat. but i love that she's here. and i love that she's so vocal and tenacious and utterly persistent. because, in the end, she always gets what she wants. just another thing i love about her. she's a great teacher. don't give up. just keep on demanding. watch me. it works!

i'm rambling on...mostly about nothing...because i'm unsettled and don't know why. i have 'ants in my pants', as my mama used to say. that restless feeling that i can't seem to put my finger on. what the hell is it? what do you want? just tell me, already.


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