Wednesday, May 6, 2009

the little things

BoyHowdy! I gotta tell ya...there's nothing better than getting up after a good night's rest, and feeling FABULOUS! I'm talking down-to-your-toes FAB-U-LOUS!!! Yep. It happened this morning. The moment I opened my eyes, I knew something had changed. Because, mostly, the moment I open my eyes, the pain is there. NOT today. HALLELUJAH!!!HALLELUJAH! HALLLLLLLLLL-E-LUJAH!

I was so freakin' excited I started singing those words loud as can be. Chella jumped up onto the bed, purring and waving her tail. The dogs came running up the stairs to see what all the excitement was about. And I hadn't even stepped foot out of the bed yet. HALLELUJAH!

I finally did (get out of bed) and walked straight to the bathroom to look at my shining smile. I had THE biggest grin on my face...and felt like I'd just won the lottery. I was dancin' around like a crazy person...singing and pumping my arms way high in the air, with tears rolling down my face. HALLELUJAH!

I'm tellin' ya, there's nothing better than feeling good. It's been SOOOOOO long since I felt that way in the morning (& still!)...and I'm certain it's here to stay. I just know that today IS the first day of the rest of my Beautiful Life. I know that some kind of shift has occurred, after all this time. Who cares about how long it took? I sure don't. All I care about is that today, I am well. Today I am moving freely. Today I am going for a walk! A WALK! Whaddya know 'bout that!!!

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terri said...

oh that's so great!
hope the good feelin' has lasted and your mornings have been beautiful!!!