Monday, May 4, 2009

in a dream

had the COOLEST dream this morning...and woke up with my heart pounding and sweat on my forehead. i dreamed that i was running around the halls of some school, all fired up and back to "normal". that is to say, my BODY was all healed up and perfect. no pain, no stiffness, no signs of immobility. it was so REAL!

when i woke up, i thought, "hmmmmmmmmmm. NOW i remember what it feels like!"
so i'm gonna keep that real close. i'm going to keep remembering how it feels to run and slide and jump and all the stuff i love to do. it's been a lonnnnnnnnnng time. and i really had forgotten! kinda hard to 'visualize' when you can't recall, ya know?

there was more to the dream; but the gist of it (i'm thinking) was that somewhere inside, i still have this 'idea' that 'drugs' (i.e. Western Meds) are somehow 'needed'. now, in my conscious brain, i do NOT believe this. but, apparently, there's still some kinda resistance crap goin' on. so?

so i'm just gonna keep that image in my mind. and i'm gonna ask whatever part of me is resisting to show me...and let it go. LET IT GO! i am SOOOOOOOOOOOO ready for this shit to be done. i can't even tell ya. so....

here i go.......runnin' up and down the halls, sliding on my knees with arms outstretched, laughing and yellin' and carryin' on like a fool. oh yea. oh yea.

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