Thursday, January 15, 2009

snowin' sideways

i got a message today from my favorite cousin...tellin' me about the snow comin' down, & goin' up & sideways & every which-a-way. & as i read his beautiful description, i couldn't help but see it in my mind. all that snow. all that quiet. all that white. it made me wish i were there...right in the midst of it...catching the flakes on my tongue.

& i got to thinking about the fury of our sweet mother. how she can make all that happen...& how there's not a single thing we can do about it. makes one realize just how powerless we are over some stuff. over most stuff. over pretty much everything we're feelin'. that's pretty much all we have control over. how do i feel? what's causing the feeling? is it good or is it making me feel the pain?

i have this 'bible' own sorta bible. the kind of book that inspires me to look check in with that higher self. the kind of book that reminds me to pay attention to those feelings. not so much what i'm thinking...but how those thoughts are makin' me feel. so when i get all discombobulated...i grab that book & open to whatever page opens. i read whatever is on that page...knowing deep in my bones that it's exactly what i need at that moment. & ya know what? it's always right on. every time. no exceptions.

snowin' sideways? yep. sometimes that's how it feels inside. so rather than getting all weirded out about it...i can lay down in it & make snow angels. how's that for guided imagery? snow angels in the sideways snow.

yep. that's my ticket. just the thought of it makes me giggle like a kid...& that is precisely where the feelings are best.

gonna go make some snow angels in the california sun.

1 comment:

terri said...

i'll throw a snowball your way
from my own flurries over here!
you rock, woman!