Saturday, December 27, 2008

little stuff that means a lot

every now and then, somebody shows up to remind me just how big the little stuff is. every time it happens, i'm even more grateful than the last time 'round. cuz it seems to me, there's a whole lotta good 'little stuff' that feeds the seeds of my garden. not to be mistaken with the 'small stuff' that we sweat all too often. not that kind of 'little stuff'.

stuff like allowing someone to call you something other than your 'name'. or waking up to find a note that says "boyz had their breakfast. all critters have been outside & are back in. they're all set." or maybe just a little note from somebody on the other side of the world who writes to tell you how much you've helped them because of something you wrote and they read.

these kinds of things are the ones that make my eyes pop open and a grin slide onto my face. they bring me back to this moment...the one i'm living right now...instead of the yesterdays or tomorrows. they're like little secret messages from the kosmos telling me to get here, be here, love here.

i have so many spectacular people in my world. every single one of 'em is gold. they're the kinds of people who love me just the way i am, flaws and all. they don't focus on the 'bad' stuff...they're always tellin' me just how much my presence matters. not to stroke my ego...who needs that crap? they mean what they say...and they say it from the heart. makes me super aware of just how easy it is to be me...and the more of me i am, the more of me shows up.

cool stuff.

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