Thursday, September 18, 2008


so i got up this morning, a bit later than usual
and made some coffee, fed the critters, all the usual
got on my computer to check emails before getting on with my day
and then
there it was
an email from a friend's son
who'd offered to help with some new stuff i want to do with my other site
he'd written a few days earlier
telling me where i could go to get what i needed
i was thrilled to have the info
all i asked for was info
and then
this email shows up
and there inside
is the actual 'thing' i was going to do myself
i mean, he actually DID IT!
went online, got the program, loaded it all up
and DID IT!
i was so blown away
my hands were shaking
my breath was erratic
my whole body was tingling
like when you stick your finger in a socket
only better (cuz that's just not fun!)
i sat there, looking at what he'd done
amazed at his beautiful vision
and his enormous heart
and his desire to help
blown away just doesn't come close
i swear it
i see another email
from his brother
who also wants to help
and has his own amazing talents
so here i am
i have my friend
and her sons
and their beautiful selves
all in my corner
all offering up who they are
just for me
talk about blessed!

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