Tuesday, December 30, 2014

My Slice of the Apple

A while back, I introduced you to my cousin, Lori, and her FABLISS (no, that's not a typo!) blog, My Slice of the Apple. Lori and I grew up together. We are close in age and close in heart. Her mom and my dad were siblings. She is as gifted a writer as she is kind a Human Being. I adore this woman. A short while back, while talking about her "Foodie" section on the blog, I suggested maybe doing a few guest spots for those folks who cook for one. Since I'm one of them, I know about that sorta thing. I also know wayyyy too many people who'd rather go through a Drive-Thru or throw some pre-made ickiness into the microwave. That is not dinner.

Not in my world.

So...Lori thought it would be fun to do and after a few dozen attempts at taking pics of my creations, I finally came up with something I thought good enough for her blog. (Besides adoring her, I am also in awe of her. She takes some spectacular pictures!) Anyway...here's the link to her "introduction" to my contributions. I do hope you'll dash over there and peruse her site. It really is wonderful!

{and I'm not just saying that because I'm a "guest writer"!}

So, in case you missed them, here are the links:

My Slice of the Apple

Cooking 4 One Intro

It's gonna be a GREAT year!

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