Friday, February 15, 2013

My Slice of the Apple

I realize there are likely some ninety gazillion blogs to date, but I'd venture that most of them aren't worth the time it takes for the page to open. I know. I know. How rude. Well...sometimes the truth is rude. Moving on...there is a new blog in town (or would that be "on planet"?) that is absolutely worth reading. And going back to. And no, I'm not talking about this one (which is also the aforementioned worthy thankyouverymuch). This new blog is called "My Slice of the Apple". The woman is a terrific writer with a great passion for her city. And food. And photography. And lots of other cool stuff too. Definitely worth a visit...or 10. You decide. But first, scoot on over and have a look/see. Tell her Camille sent ya.

My Slice of the Apple

P.S. Be sure to check out the piece about Max Brenner ~ Chocolate by the Bald Man! You'll be drooling before you hit mid-page!

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Anonymous said...

Camille -

Thanks so much for these kind words! Sooooo glad you like the blog and thanks always for your input!

Lori @ MySlice